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Acupuncture moves Qi (pronounced “chi") translated as “vital or life energy” in the body. By opening up blocked channels, acupuncture directs this energy to the right area. If it’s a broader issue than this, say you feel sluggish and tired all the time, then the treatment will work on your vitality and the various factors that contribute to it. 

The needles themselves facilitate the healing process. They are tiny and cause little, if any discomfort. After some initial anxiety (which is normal), most clients love acupuncture and get to know the various acupuncture points. Some even ask for a needle in a specific point, like liver 5!  For children or if youd prefer, you can start your treatments with acupressure and either quite comfortably stay with that or build to receiving acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, tui na massage, herbal medicine and qi gong) is based on the idea that Qi flows in and around the body through pathways called meridians. When the flow of Qi is blocked, imbalances and possibility for a diseased state might result. Acupuncture helps to remove these blockages thereby helping the body heal itself and prevent future, more serious illnesses from developing. 

Debi is accomplished in every aspect of acupuncture but has also completed an extra intensive on acupuncture of the neck and shoulder with particular relevance to sports medicine-related injuries She is also currently involved with treating children with both acupressure and acupuncture. For more information or for a consultation to see how she can help you, inquire by clicking here.

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